Summer Hair Care Tips

As the sun comes out and with the restrictions easing, we are all enjoying being out and about. Many of us can’t wait for the summertime: BBQs, garden gatherings and outdoor activities! But how does your hair hold up in the sunshine? Chances are, being out in the rays leaves your hair faded, dull and dry. We are here to help! Enjoy all your favourite summertime activities whilst keeping your hair happy and healthy, by following our top summer hair care tips!


Use a sun-proof product

During the summer, your hair can be under attack from the heat, UV rays, salt, chlorine - you name it! That’s why it’s so important to be prepared with the right haircare products.

At Freshair, we are obsessed with the eco-friendly EveryGreen - and luckily they have their very own range of sun-proof products. Their Pre-Sun Protective Spray acts as a sort of sunscreen for your hair, leaving it soft, silky and fully protected. Apply as you would suncream - before you go out, and throughout the day whilst in the sunshine. They also offer an Aftersun Shampoo and Rejuvenating Serum, to make sure your hair doesn’t dry out after a day in the great outdoors.

Don’t wash your hair too often

With the hotter weather, you’ll likely notice your head is sweating more and as such it can be really tempting to wash your hair more often! Don’t! When you wash your hair too much, you wash away the natural moisturising oils that help prevent your hair from drying out.

Extend the time between washes by wearing a gorgeous summer floppy hat, using dry shampoo or getting creative with headbands and scarves. Your hair will thank you for it!

Treat your hair post-chlorine

If you’re going swimming, chlorine can wreak havoc on your hair, especially if it’s coloured. After you swim, rinse your hair immediately at the pool showers, to remove as much chlorine as you can, as soon as possible. When you get home, treat your hair to a clarifying shampoo and deep conditioning treatment. Ensure you shampoo at least twice, rinsing in between lathering, to get rid of any residue of chlorine.

You could also wear a swimming cap to help protect your hair - but this isn’t a full-proof solution and can itself damage your hair with the tight elastic.

Style your hair safely

When your hair overheats, it can be brittle and easy to break. Minimize trauma to the hair strands by styling your hair in loose, minimalist hairdos. Favour loose braids or gentle buns, without severe, scraped back styles. Invest in some soft spiralated hair ties, instead of tight elastic ones, to prevent hair damage.

Invest in a conditioning treatment

With all the extra attacks on your hair in summertime, it’s best to treat your hair to some deep conditioning. EveryGreen has a series of restorative hair masks - designed for individual needs. So whether you're looking for colour protection, anti-dandruff, extra volume or de-greasing, there’s a mask for you. Consider also investing in a leave-in conditioner spray, to add moisture to your hair all day long!

If you need any assistance with which products would be best to protect your hair during the summer months, don’t hesitate to contact the Freshair team on messenger, or ring them up! We’d be delighted to help!

Posted on Jun 14, 2021