Freshair Guide To Hair Washing

Ever noticed that your hair always feels extra clean after a professional wash? Nikki takes us through her at-home hair washing technique, so you can have salon clean hair at home!

Step 1. Don’t wash your hair too often

It’s so tempting to keep cleaning your hair - every time there’s some grease our instinct is to give it a good scrub! But really you should be looking at keeping your hair washing to a minimum. Nikki recommends washing your hair a maximum of twice a week, depending on your hair type! If you exercise regularly and don't like the feel of sweaty hair, you can rinse with water immediately after a workout!

Step 2. Shampoo

Apply shampoo (in this case, TIGI Copyright Moisture Shampoo, £18) to wet hair and massage into your scalp well, working well into the hairline, front and back! Don’t worry if there are few bubbles – your hair is still being cleaned ! Rinse well, until it feels squeaky clean and repeat!

Shampoo Collage.jpg

Step 3. Conditioner

Once you have rinsed after your second shampoo, make sure your hair is ‘squeaky’; this means it’s clean! Squeeze out any excess water and apply your conditioner (in this case, TIGI Copyright Colour Conditioner - £18 and 6 pumps of Repair Booster - £16). Apply to mid length and ends, using your fingers, wide tooth comb or tangle teezer to comb through your hair.

Conditiono Collage.jpg

Step 4. Massage

Don’t forget to massage! This has loads of benefits for your hair and scalp…even if it doesn’t feel quite as good when you do it yourself! Massage in the conditioner and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing. Make sure you rinse thoroughly as any shampoo or conditioner left in your hair can irritate your scalp and make your hair greasy.

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5. Cool rinse

After you’ve completed the previous steps, make sure to give your hair a cool rinse (as cold as you can bear!). This closes down the cuticle to make hair smooth and shiny!

6. Towel dry

When towel drying make sure you squeeze your hair, do not rub as this can damage it.

7. Apply your chosen product

Nikki uses Kitoko curl booster cream. Apply your chosen product to damp hair and leave it to dry naturally for gorgeous, naturally enhanced curls. If you’re going to style with heat, make sure you use a heat protector product like Leyton House 6 in 1 spray, Mode Heat Protect or Kitoko Heat Defy.


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Posted on Jan 19, 2021.