Freshair: Reducing our environmental impact

Here at Freshair we are deeply committed to reducing our environmental impact. We believe a business should be run in an eco-friendly way, so we can all keep enjoying our wonderful planet. We thought we’d lay out exactly what we do, so you can rest assured that by coming to us, you’re supporting a green, eco-conscious, local company!

Green Salon Collective

We are a proud member of the Green Salon Collective! But what does this actually entail? Well, the Green Salon Collective ethos is ‘We recycle the unrecyclable!’ This means we recycle the commonly reused products like paper cups and plastic, but we also recycle used foil, colour tubes and PPE!

But that’s not all the Green Salon Collective does… we also recycle (wait for it…) hair! You’ve all heard about donating hair to make wigs, but 99.9 percent of hair that ends up on the salon floor isn’t long enough. However, hair can also be used to create hair mats and booms, and be used in gardening and composting!

A ‘hair boom’ is an ingenious devise comprising of hair tightly packed into cotton or nylon tubes. These are then placed in water or on beaches to absorb oil – protecting the landscape and local wildlife!


Green Salon Collective is the first provider and manufacturer of hair booms in the UK and we are so proud to be part of this incredibly innovative process! By coming to us, your excess hair clippings don’t just go in the bin – they actually do incredibly important conservational work! You can read more about the Green Salon Collective here.

Sustainable Products

At Freshair we are constantly looking for sustainable, eco-friendly products to use on your hair and for cleaning in-salon. As you know, many of our fab products are supplied by Leyton House, who themselves are very conscious of their sustainability.

Leyton House products all come in recyclable packaging, and the manufacturing plant (based in Italy) uses renewable energy sources, allowing the company to be affiliated with the LifeGate Zero Impact Project. Leyton House is also a proud member of PETA and has been since their conception in 2007- meaning all products are cruelty free! Read more about Leyton House’s eco-commitment here.


Refillable initiative

At Freshair we do shampoo and conditioner refills on Leyton House products. This is an initiative set up by Nikki in-house, and means that you can actively choose to reduce your personal environmental impact by using less packaging. And on top of the shiny warm feeling you’ll get by helping the environment, refills are cheaper than buying a new bottle! A new bottle is £9.95, a refill £7.50- so make sure you keep your bottles in the future for a good, green deal.

Posted on Feb 18, 2021.